Obstacle Course Racing is currently the fastest growing sport. For the last couple years OCR has grown from a weekend adventure where you get down and dirty with your friends and celebrate with a beer, to a competitive, gritty, realization of fitness. Average bodies are easily sculpted into those of warriors with all of the crawling, running, carrying, climbing, jumping, lunging, pulling, pushing, and sprinting. These motions are natural and raw and what your body has been designed to do.

It is thrilling to complete an obstacle course race. It is also exciting to train for one. To have a goal in mind, whether it is crushing a past race time, or beating out the competition, or finally completing every obstacle in your way, a goal will keep you motivated. A plan will make you successful.

My plan: To train exactly like you race.


Why run on a flat track when you can train on trails?

Why pull on cable machines when you can climb a rope?

Why curl some dumbbells when you can flip a tire?

Why workout in a gym when you haven’t been seeing results?


I am pumped to announce Obstacle Elite:

a training course in Mount Vernon, WA where you can brave the elements and obstacles as I personally coach you and push you toward your goals.

I am looking for those that are out of shape and need a fun, engaging exercise plan that they will not get bored of.

I am looking for those that are fit, but have hit a plateau and need to challenge their body in new ways.

I am looking for those that love Obstacle Course Racing and want to train with me.

Those that want to be one of the Elite.

Also, I (Sara Knight) am a current competitive OCR athlete, so I practice what I preach. I will be out there on the course, training along side you.


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Twitter: @ObstacleElite