Training Plans


Training Plans

Champion: We would meet 3 times per week: once at Obstacle Elite for technique training, once at a track or here for a second time during the week for speed/power days and once for a longer session in the mountains for some trail running. The first two days are hour long sessions, the trail running sessions last 2-3 hours. This program would include a training calendar for "homework" sessions on your own and suggested meal plans. The champion program is for those that wish to go from average person to athlete or from average athlete to podium champion. I would be your daily coach. This program is $500/mo. 

TrailBlazer: We meet once per week- every other week- in the mountains, and twice per week - on the alternate weeks- at Obstacle Elite. We would work on getting faster on uphills, downhills, technical terrain, and curves. This includes suggested homework, but not prescribed homework. $200/mo

Basic: We meet once per week for an hour and I put you through an obstacle based workout at Obstacle Elite. This also includes a suggested training homework calendar. This program is suggested for those that are just getting started in Obstacle Course Racing. $100/mo


Day Drop-in: For those that have a hard time committing to a schedule I offer 1 hour drop-in training sessions for $20/hour.